Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dragon's Maze Spoilers day 4

Spoilers, spoilers and more spoilers out of WOTC today.  As usual hit the jump for my opinion.

Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker surprised me, as I thought that a Dimir card would be unplayable in standard... I was blown away by this card.  I think that this will see play in standard as answer to some of the life gain decks with Rhox Faithmender that Chris Lansdell has been pushing for months, and a bomb in limited.
Rot Farm Skeleton
This card is hard to deal with, but I do not think it will se any limited play, as Golgari is not aggressive.
Obzedat's Aid
Another 5 mana reanimate spell.... Thanks a lot WOTC clearly the reanimator deck is not strong enough...  Anyway stand playable and a limited bomb
Sire of Insanity
Very bad in limited, and great against control in standard.
Breaking // Entering
Seems really good for casual and that is about it.  Could see some limited play.
Zhur-Taa Ancient
If only I could post the emails I got from friends in the community when this was spoiled.....  This card flies by the vanilla test, and doubles your mana.  It will see lots of standard play, and will see some play in limited (little compared to standard, but it is still a bomb).
Trostani's Summoner
Costs way to much to see any play in any format.
Varolz, the Scar-Striped
Well this is why in the comprehensive rules it has the clause about variable P/T creatures in the bin.  3 for a bear is ok, especially with this amazing limited-breaking (see what I did there?) card.  I think this may see post Theros standard play in addition to that.
Bad Magic card...
Blood Scrivener
2/1 vanilla for 2 is okay, and his ability is useful, but I see not use for him in standard.
Last, but not least (the least was Showstopper) Turn // Burn
Both halves are other spells that now cost one more to cast, and quite frankly, I'm ok with that.  Great limited card, I dont see any reason it will see play in standard though.

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