Friday, April 12, 2013

Dragon's Maze Spoilers day 5

Another day of spoilers, another review by Jason!
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Voice of Resurgence
A bear with an awesome upside.... At the worst it is a bear that when it dies you get (likely) at least another bear...  Limited bomb, and will see sideboard play in constructed.
I called this reprint when RTR was announced, but was disappointed to not see it in RTR, and now I am proven right.  Great kill spell, and deals with artifacts... If this was in RTR Golgari might have been playable.
Far // Away
This cards fuse is amazing, although as it seems with fuse cards it is a pair of known effects that cost 1 more to cast.  I still think this is playable in limited, and maybe a 1 off in a rouge standard deck.
Renegade Krasis
I would pay 1GG for a 3/2 all day long, especially with evolve, and its awesome synergy with other evolve creatures.  This will pull you in to Simic in a draft, and makes the Simic deck even better.
Council of the Absolute
Grand Arbiter Augustin IV anyone?  Is great in the Sphinx's Revelation mirror match, and useful to pull out counters from their deck.  I think this is almost a mandatory sideboard card if you are in its colors, and I would even consider main-decking him.

That is it for the weekend, so thank you all very much for reading the first week of DGM spoiler articles I have written.  We have a very special guest for the podcast this weekend, so I hope you all listen to that!

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