Monday, April 8, 2013

Dragon's Maze Spoilers day 1

Hello, Jason here from the podcast. What a day for previews on the mothership today.
Hit the jump for my thoughts!
Well we may as well start with a card that has been rumored since Innistrad... The one the only Ral Zerek!  Well I must say one thing, Ral Zerek is not only constructed playable, but I believe a constructed all-star. +1 to tap a permanent (like in Tamiyo's +1) is strong as seen in standard now and I think Ral's (hope he likes that nickname) ability to untap too will make him standard playable. Untapping a land adding {1} more to your mana pool is great in the early game, and in the late game giving a creature pseudo vigilance is amazing. Ral's second ability I think is strong, but I believe that it costs too much and will not see much play. The -7 is a game winner, but I never judge a walker by its limit-break.
Next we have Deputy of Acquittals. This card seems like a great card out of Dragon's Maze. The flash is important, and it is a bear, which I am a fan of in blue or white. The ability to bounce a creature you control at instant speed is important, as it can save one of your creatures in combat.
Next we have Toil // Trouble. I really like the new split card mechanic. Spiraling Embers costs 3 now... Sign me up!! I think this card will be a limited bomb, as it can deal a ton of damage to an opponent, or sign in blood yourself. I do no think that this will see much constructed play though.
Beck // Call. This card seems quite good, even just one side of it. The only issue is you will never be getting to turn 8 in standard, but this is a limited bomb, as I believe that the limited format will be fairly slow, because if you want to be getting cards all 3 packs you will need to be 3 colored.
Melek, Izzet Paragon. I think this card will be horrible in standard and in limited because it is just too slow at 6, and in limited you will probably be dead by turn 7 or 8 almost negating this cards effect. But, this card is AMAZING in commander, and I cannot wait to build an EDH deck around (him/her?).
Last, and least we have Wear // Tear. I think this will see sideboard play in standard, and that is about it.

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