Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dragon's Maze Spoilers day 8

The Maze cycle and Emmara?
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Notion Theif
Wow - Opponents cannot draw cards in most of the decks in standard.... This card is a very good card, and will take over limited games.
Undiscovered Clues
This has no reason to see play in anything but turbo-fog, and I do not think it is good enough for that.
Maze cycle
Multi-colored creatures are great in this set, but about 50/50 in other sets.  I think this cycle is very good, the blue and white ones being the best.
Viashino Firstblade
That is a great card if you are ahead on board (which you should be in Boros).  I cannot wait to play this in limited.
Catch // Release
I think you want to be casting only one of these, although they both seem to be costed accurately.  This will be great in limited, and see some constructed play.
Warleader's Helix
Stop making Lightning Helix terrible.
Emmara Tandris
Now Selesnya may make its way into standard.  Armada Wurm gets significantly better this way, Advent of the Wurm also does to name a couple of cards.  I am quite excited to first pick this in drafts as it is a rare.

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