Saturday, November 16, 2013

Episode 29: It’s Positive EV to Listen to us!


-GPs/SCGs of the week
- Pauper metagame
-MTG Finance
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An appeal to those who were insulted by my podcast about Heirloom:
I did that podcast to inform the uninformed portion of the Magic community.  That was not intending to insult anyone.  I was just attempting to spread the word.  For those of who who sent me inexcusable statements, and threats, I was surprised that the magic community could stoop so low.  None of them affected me in any way.  I would like to confirm that I have notreceived any of these disgusting messages from Mihahitlor.  That does not go to say that he has not said anything I found rude, but nothing that was meant as a direct personal insult.
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