Saturday, November 16, 2013

Episode 28: Relics, Heirlooms, and Dan

It seems we called Vintage Masters the night before it was spoiled :)
Special thanks to Dan Horning for being on today!
Talking Points:
-Pauper Metagame
-Massive player-run-event scandal (That Jason needs YOUR help in!)
I have invited Mihahitlor, the host of the suspect event, to be on the show to discuss the matter. He has thus far declined.
The “send link” link we mentioned -
Download: (copy/paste link)

Update on the Player Run Events Scandal:

The person who was running the Heirloom PRE (Player run Event) has posted on the Wizards forums that he is going to resign, in part due to this podcast.  Thanks to those who banded with Jason this week (and yes, Jason has banding apparently).  To quote:
“I had enough of this stuff, and this time I mean it 100%.”  ”I irrevocably quit hosting and MTGO. I won’t even remain as a temporary host…”

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