Friday, February 14, 2014

Episode 42: Modern Spoilers

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 There was a bit of controversy in this episode.  Here is the transcript so no one thinks we are comparing Eric to Hitler:
 Jason:  So let's give our shoutout to the 1 man worse than Mark Rosewater!
Brennan: Hitler?
Greystone: No, No, actually
Jason:Hitler is not a community member
Greystone: The man I am about to mention, doesn't like him at all, doesn't like him at all.
Greystone: He went so far to oust a great pillar of the pauper community, because of a simple youtube video that was funny as hell!
Jason: Oh *chuckles*
Greystone: And this man has an absolute hatred for us, and I have one think to say to him: Jason: Wait for it...  Apparently he has never seen any other Downfall parodies.
Greystone: F you Eric Hustle
Jason: alright folks, thank you all for listening, and we will be back without Brennan, next week.
Brennan: Sadface
Jason: That was a great show!
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