Sunday, December 22, 2013

Episode 36: Year End Wrap Up!

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-Year end reveiw
Topics include:
  1. Biggest “arg” card (EX: Pack rat in limited)
  2. Best Card in Gatecrash
  3. Best Card in Dragon’s Maze
  4. Best Card in Magic 2014
  5. Best Card in Theros
  6. Best Card in Commander 2013
  7. Worst card in Gatecrash
  8. Worst card in Dragon’s Maze
  9. Worst card in Magic 2014
  10. Worst card in Theros
  11. Worst card in Commander 2013
  12. Best card overall
  13. Worst card overall
  14. Best deck
  15. Worst deck
  16. Most annoying deck
  17. Worst deck
  18. Best set of the year
  19. Worst set of the year
  20. Play of the year
  21. Best Speculation of the year
  22. Worst speculation of the year
  23. Best player of the year
  24. Biggest player-related story of the year
  25. Biggest MTGO-related story of the year
  26. Biggest story of the year
  27. Best thing that happened to you this year
  28. Worst moment of the year
  29. Best game you played this year
  30. Best game you played this year
  31. Biggest disappointment in gaming
  32. Best personality of the year
  33. Worst personality of the year
  34. Outlook for next year
Contact info:
FaceBook: David Devio
Twitter: @modernmasterj
MTGO: Jasonthemindsculptor
Twitter: @mastergreystone
MTGO: Greystone
Twitter: @Jam_podcast1

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