Friday, October 11, 2013

Episode 26: THS With a Touch of Rambling

This week’s cohost’s story:
My name is Walker Greystone, I am writer, editor, and video producer for I’ve been playing on and off since revised until last year when I decided, with the encouragement of My fiance, to become more involved in Magic. I started drafting at My local game shop, Burdin’s Comics, until My fiance lost her job and in order to satisfy My MTG itch I moved to MTGO and found the Pauper format, where I’ve made My home ever since. Though recently My fiance got another full time job, and I am back to drafting and sealed Events at Burdin’s I can be found on MTGO as Greystone, on twitter as @Mastergreystone, and on
-Greystone’s PreRelease story
-THS’ Standard impact
-THS’ Financial Value
-Standard Pauper
Intro/outro song
Lucidic (koholint island)
Benjamin Briggs
Download: Here

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