Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Episode 2: Limited an Other Ramblings

Just Another Magic Podcast - 2 - Limited and Other Ramblings
Discussion points:
- Dragon’s Maze Buy a Box Promo: Render Silent
- Pro Tour Gatecrash
- Magic Online redemptions and their impacts to the Magic economy
- NES card of the week is: Bombman from Megaman 1
For a great place to Buy and Sell Magic cards go to:
Special thanks to our 2 special guests: Jordan Segal and Colin Small. You can contact Jordan at, and Colin at
You can contact Jason an Jacob at:
You can contact Jason through Magic Online.  His username there is: jasonthemindsculptor
Download by clicking here.  As always you can right click it an press "save link as" to download the cast!

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